Getting started is always the toughest part, right?  

Get my mouth started and it will have no problem expelling plenty of stuff to say about myself.

But getting started?

I could go Moby Dick.  

Call Me Monte.

I could go Monte Python and the Holy Grail.

Bring out the Author. <Bang> Bring out the Author

I could go Star Wars.

Long ago in a pre-history far, far away.

Let's try this.

I am a rather large old Aggie dad with five kiddos, who is currently blessed with the presence of my third wife - a real keeper since she owns most of my chillin'.  I am a bit of a hobo, career wise, although I prefer Renaissance Man.  I got a Construction Science degree from the best place on earth, switched over to get a Masters of Arts in History and ended up working on my PhD (ABD = All but Dissertation) in History at the University of Kansas under the tutelage of Dr. James Brundage, one of the smartest people I ever knew.  My time and efforts at KU were hijacked by Dr. Lynn Nelson, a history prof with a techie nature, and I ended up doing Beta work with first Web Browser, a pre-mosaic, pre-graphics browser called Lynx - yes, I am that old.  I was addicted to the medium.  My first website was used by the Pentagon as their first website for about a year.  Pre-History in the internet age.  And I am so smart I maintained for academic reasons, without getting paid.

Jump ahead about 25 years and I am still doing work in the tech industry.  I am a Senior IT Project Manager for Dell.  I also coach basketball, both AAU teams and for the last two years, High School.  

Did I mention I write?

If not let me do so now.  I write.  


From my days as a historian a I have published many book reviews and a couple of articles.  I also published my Master's Thesis, The Role of Military Technology in the Conquest of Livonia, 1184-1220 and a small treatise on the crossbow called The Not So Diabolical Crossbow: A Re-Examination of Innocent II's Supposed Ban Of The Crossbow at the Second Lateran Council (ISBN 1411608658).  In addition to UGGA THE FIRST I have a fantasy novel project that is well underway and another historical work, the memoirs of my Great Uncle Bill Darby (from my first marriage).  Not that Bill Darby.  The other Bill Darby.

Mostly I am my kid's dad.  Which is where this Ugga thing comes into play.  I only began relating my pre-history adventures with pal Ugga because of my kids.  If you want someone to blame for the revelatinos that are in this set of stories you can blame my oldest.  Its all his fault.  He asked the original question that triggered the gushing of stories.  

Nice to meet you.  Enjoy your stay.  Come again.