The Wonders Of Ugga



To understand Ugga ... well ... that’s not actually possible ...

But to TRY to understand Ugga and his immeasurable impact on this world should be the ambition of every upright primate with the power of thought. As Ugga’s best friend for the past many thousands of years I feel the obligation to expose Ugga … wait .. that didn’t come out right. There might be children watching … I mean reading.

It is my duty to pass on Ugga’s story. Explore the wonder that is Ugga here in Ugga The First. You’ll be a better person for it … unless you’re not a person.

Whatever you are you will be better for it … it being the exploration of Ugga’s wonders … oh wait … still a little too suggestive.

Heck. Just read Ugga’s stories. You’ll be glad you did. I’ll be glad you did. You might even help save the world.

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