I stared at the three of them.  There was something wrong with my family.  “People.  Little people.  About a foot tall.  Ruddy green skin and bright red fuzzy hair, like olives with pimentos.  They were naked except for little gloves and socks make out of frog skin.  They just appeared one morning all over the village. ”


Style: Post-it® Notes 4" x 3"
When your mind is brimming with to-dos, keep it together with a pad of custom 3M Post-it® Notes. Jot down urgent memos, lists, or a sweet note to special someone such as, "Do NOT forget the milk!" Each 4"x3" pad comes with 50 sticky notes printed in full color with your graphics, text, or photos. If Post-it® Notes are going to be on your desk anyway, they might as well be creatively personal.

Authentic 3M Post-it® Notes
Dimensions: 4" x 3" (Adhesive side: 4" edge)
Printed in full color on 50-sheet white Post-it® Notes paper
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KNOOOOB Post-It Notes

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