“Very bad idea.  In less time than it took for Watermelon Spitter to scratch his …”

“HEY!”   Wife.


“… armpit, hundreds of the thumpers swarmed Zor and thumped him with their shrooms.  Before any of us had time to help, and not that we would have anyway, because he was really, really tone deaf … and did I mention he liked to sing … well anyway it was over in a few seconds.  Poor Zor Por lay there, dazed and beaten with fossilized mushrooms.  His entire naked body, all of it, from his head to his …”



“… toes, was covered in round mushroom welts.  After that Zor Por the Troubadour was known as the Big Thumper.”


Style: Men's Basic Hooded Sweatshirt
Enjoy the comfort of this warm and toasty pullover hoodie. You’re going to love it. We’ve made it from a 10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face. It has set-in sleeves and double needle-stitched armholes and bottom band for durability. Customize to make it your own!

Size & Fit

Model is 6’2” and wearing a large
Standard fit
Runs true to size
Fabric & Care

10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face
Roomy front pouch pocket and hood.
Machine wash cold. Tumble dry Low.

KPT Hoodie