Gotta give credit where credit is due.  

They are making me!

Without the crew the Ugga stories would have remained in the deep, really dark, clearly forbidden recesses of my mind.  Not only have they triggered stories with their questions, the crew have served in various capacities in the Ugga project.


The oldest child is known variously as Monte Scott, MST2 or Tall Blonde Boy.  

Monte Scott is a musician of the highest quality and is attending college right now as a business major.  You should check out his original music on and his Holiday Music Video on Youtube.

He is of course responsible for kickstarting the Ugga project over a decade ago by asking that original fateful question.  In addition to being a formerly inquisitive child Monte Scott is the content manager for the Uggalot website.


Michelle is the supportive spouse, copy editor and mother of my urchins.  Michelle is also a terrific sounding board for all sorts of issues that have advanced themselves during this project.  She is not shy about telling me the truth as she sees it, no matter how much this involves making sure I know how ridiculous I am.

Michelle's background is cloudy and suspicious.  She claims to be a tall blonde Kansas girl but the truth lies more on the adopted Asian chick side of things.  Her birth certificate says Seoul, South Korea.  Family legend says that she was actually smuggled out of North Korea by the Catholic Church as a tiny little tot.  We have a lot of faith in legends around here, so ..

She is a nurse, having spent many a year in a NICU.  Now days she is a school nurse, because she is very attached to the urchins.

A Punk and 2 Hooligans

Patrick "Paco Loco" is the square, Asian punk.  Ashton and Matthew are generally referred to a Hooligan 1 and Hooligan 2, in a wonderful nod to The Cat In The Hat.  

The role of these three, besides challenging my sanity and patience on a daily basis, varies from hearing original Uggas told around the dinner table or on drives in the truck, to reviewing and providing feedback on the artwork for the book.  

They are at various stages of their educational careers.  Paco is just sticking his toe into college, Asthon is entering High School and his barely younger brother, Matthew, will follow next year.  They all enjoy role playing games and video games.  What urchin doesn't these days, right?  Patrick is a rugby player and invention enthusiast, recently focusing on how he can turn pop bottles and PVC pipe into cannons that fire cardboard bullets through aluminum cans.  Ashton and Matthew are top flight basketball players, playing on various local, region and national tournament teams.