Stinky Stella
Old Mrs. Hag
Chief Waternelon Spitter
Pudden Pudden
Helena The Hieney Honey Of Huntman

The Universe of Ugga was filled with the most amazing critters, many of them you have never heard of.  Yet it was the unique social interactions between the creatures in our world that made things so interesting.  It was normal to fight off attacks from vicious predators one day and play mammoth shoe tossing with these same neighbors at the village hoedown the very next day.  It was survival but without the bitter attitudes and snarky remarks.  

How did we achieve this world that was both violent and primal at the same time it was social and cuddly?

Ugga had a lot to do with it and I played a small part as well.  We convinced some very incompatible folks to get along just for the sake of getting along.  It was all in the way we tricked, deceived and confused them.  Skill, baby.  Skill.

Yet when it comes down to it, the special social fabric was a direct product of the critters finding themselves.  We were all in a state of Austin-y, hippy-like discovery, without the suspicious obsession with hemp.  

For example, how does a Tyrannosaurus Rex react to the hypnotic sing song screeching of the man eating chicken flamingo? Attempting to eat the pretty pink vicious birdie is one option. Trying not to be eaten is also valid. Yet they chose instead to team up and hold the annual Dancing with the Biped Carnivore contest, in which one bird and one dino partnered up to compete against other couples.  It was Dancing with the Stars with a heavy layer of potential bloodshed always present.

It was not love/hate because they neither loved, nor hated each other. They were too busy figuring out what to do with the other critter.  

That, in a nutshell, was the World of Ugga.