The Artists

Without doubt, one of the absolute coolest parts of bringing my Ugga stories to life has been the involvement of my illustrators.  I am blessed to know these peeps.

As an IT guy I have for years worked with offshore  resources.  I have worked with developers and testers and all sorts of techie folks from Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Korea.  As a Dell PM my boss and many of my tech folks are out of India.  This makes for very early mornings meetings.  Right now I also work with a tremendous set of techies from Brazil.

So I have been comfortable and pleased to engage illustrators from overseas for my work with Ugga.  I think it actually helped. I tried to originally work with some stateside illustrators and they were much less enthusiastic and less willing to step outside their comfort zone.  These guys are super talented and bring real zany creativity to an already wacky project.


This young lady, born in 1986, is Polish by birth and Italian by choice. She was born in Częstochowa, Poland, which is a pretty cool place with the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra. She was an opera singer who transformed into an illustrator. And I am glad she did! I still want to hear some singing though. Krystyna is focused on concept art, book covers and illustrations. You can also find her comics "Kociomaczek” on social media platforms. Look 'em up. They are great!

Krystyna Nowak

Susruta & Saswata Mukherjee

(Bob and Bobby)

Susruto and Saswata are twin brothers from Kolkata, India where they live with their family and friends. They are the dreamers of the improbable and creators of the impossible. In 2016, they graduated from St. Xavier's College with Multimedia and Animation. Both Susruto and Saswata are aspiring filmmakers who are currently working on freelance design projects so that they can manage time to work on their short films.

Bob Indoor Adventures
Bob Eye
Tyrion 4

Vladan Ostojich

Vladan Ostojic, born in 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia. 

He graduated on Faculty of Arts as an Art teacher. He is currently working as a professional freelance Visual Artist specialized in Illustrations, Concept Art and Organic 3D modeling.

Vlad was the first illustrator on the project and set a great tone by creating the look and feel for Ugga and many of the other main characters.

dwarf head 3D model
Thor character concept
Vlada - old woman study