You can read.


And now that you have read Ugga 1 you are smarter than you were 10 minutes ago.

It’s time to celebrate.  YAY you.

You know how I like to celebrate a major accomplishment like this?  Eating a 5 pound box of chocolates by myself. 

So slide on over to the THE BOOK in the menu above and …well … BUY THE BOOK.


Did I mention that a know side affect of buying Ugga The First is that you will never be harassed by outlaw t-rexes again.  No, seriously.  Statistics prove that.

But, since that has some serious consequences for my wasteline I sometimes buy myself something special.

You know what’s special?  The whole Ugga the First book.  That is special.

So now that you are smarter and need to reward your proving that you can read, no matter what mom says, I think you would do well to go grab a copy of this book for yourself.

Another side affect is that my friend Monte gets like a dime or something.  And a dime is a big deal.  Well.  A dime WAS a big deal … a long long time ago.