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Old Mrs. Hag
Chief Waternelon Spitter
Pudden Pudden
Helena The Hieney Honey Of Huntman


Name: Old Mrs Hag (No, really.  That's her name.)

Locaton of Origin: In the shadow of Mt Vesuvius

Hair: Old Lady Blue             Eyes: Bloodshot

Occupation: Leg Shaver, Teacher, Crazy Old Lady with an Ax

Favorite Food: Scooby Snacks

Favorite Quote: “Would you like me to do it now?" asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. "Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph?” - Proffesor Snape In Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

As a youth this wisened old educator was a stellar athlete.  She ran races against the fastest of the four legged critters.  She wrestled the most burly carnivores.  And she won the Moocho Muncho Blubber Sucking contest 11 years in a row.


On a foggy morning after a night of tremendous thunderstorms a younger Old Mrs Hag was skipping along, bucket in hand, traveling to get water fron the spring.  She was startled to find herself  face to face with a giant dog baring enormous fangs.  The creature set on the young lass with the vicousness of a cornered and injured, dominant carnivore.  Old Mrs. Hag gently brought the ravenous monster back to her home and nursed her lovingly throughout the remainder of a very difficult pregnancy.  Following the birth of a litter of 12 Mama Poodle ate all but the largest of the litter, as the breed is want to do.  Unhappy with this behavior, Old Mrs Hag made a rug out of the Mama and raised the pup as her very own.  Dude, that lady can be messed up, but she loved her poodle, Stephanopolus.