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Name: Lilith Charlisa Le Mammouth

Locaton of Origin: Modern Mont Saint Michel

Hair: Luscious Reddish Brown     Eyes: Deep Jade Green

Occupation: Ballet Instructor

Favorite Food: Eclairs fromL’Eclair de Génie

Favorite Quote: "I'm not fat. It's all this fur. It makes me look... poofy." - Manny from Ice Age

Lilith Mouthy Mammoth was the center of Monte's world for a while.  Ugga was feeling frisky one day, not too long after we beat him senseless during recess, so he invented the tack (I give him credit but really, it was just a thorn) and smeered smitten all over it.  When he saw a new student, a mammoth, he slipped the tack on to my desk seat.  Thus began the tragic love story that Shakespeare based his Romeo and Juliet on.

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