CRITTERS: Mankiller

Stinky Stella
Old Mrs. Hag
Chief Waternelon Spitter

Name: Man Killer Bush From Another Planet

            aka Death In The Form Of Leaves, Thorns and Fangs

Locaton of Origin: Mushrooms fields in modern Northern California

Type: Carnivorous Perennial

Taxonomy: Magnoliaceae Bigility Crunch

Lifespan: Unknown

Range: 500 - 1200 Miles


Favorite Food: Inland Taipan Snake 

Favorite Quote: “The dumber people think you are, the most surprised they're going to be when you kill them.” ― William Clayton

Pudden Pudden

Shrubbery are not known for being stellar parents.  We never knew whether Mankiller’s extraordinary viciousness was because of a tortured toddler life or because he was the member of a plant species, the Smack Bigilty Crunch Bushes, that were bred to savagely eating anything in their path.  Either way Mankiller, or Poopsie, as he was known during his formative years, was one of the most feared plants on the planet.


In truth Mankiller was the precusor to Wyle E. Coyote.  He was an intellectual with a temper and a large appetite.  Fortunately for Mr. Mankiller he was not reliant on ACME for his means of securing a meal.

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